Shirley Temple turns 85! See What She Looks Like Today!

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Shirley Temple turns 85 this year. What does she look like today?

Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images

Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images


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  • Dorothy

    She is still an absolutely gorgeous individual. I grew up watching her movies with my Nana and now they are so hard to find. We lost all her VHS when Isobel blew through. Still lots of AWESOME memories. Fav was “Just Around The Corner” Definately worth checking out!

    • jeanna louis

      pfffft since you went away was the beat

    • Michelle

      Just wanted to let you know that Shirley’s movies are now being released on dvd so if you wanted, you could get them. I do agree with you. Her movies are wonderful. Hope that helps you get it.

  • pamela coleman

    I can still remember watching all her movies on channel 11, Sunday mornings with my Mom. it’s AMAZING!!! this lady hasn’t changed hardly at all! Happy Birthday Ms. Temple !

  • jeanna louis

    dang gurllll u looook GOOOD

  • cindy wetherell

    she still looks beautiful today i always loved her movies my mom is one day younger than shirley she was born on 04/24/1928

    • Ally

      I love watching her movies and think she was such an adorable little girl and still now a beautiful lady.

  • Kathy

    I’ve always adored Shirley Temple, ever since I was a child.I have her doll, but not the original dress. My Mom & I used to watch her faithfully. That was always our ‘Mother, Daughter” time. I miss watching her movies with Mom :( but as long as their is a Shirley, I’ll always have Mom!!

  • emily

    she looks so good for a woman of her age and she is putting all her movies in black and white cds

  • whitney

    holy plastic surgery, batman!

    • holly

      so if u were 82 u would need plastice surgre to u jerk

      • holly

        happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sweet sweet lady

  • jay welsh

    Remembered you way back when I was a little boy. You became my idol, I loved you then, loved you over the years and love you yet today. May you enjoy many more Birthday’s. I’ll always have a place for you in my heart.

  • Melissa

    Wow, does she look great!

  • Chrissy

    It’s hard to believe that our famous performer is turning 82.
    Congratulations beautiful lady..
    Your image as a toddler melts my heart.

    I hope my baby girl turns out just like our adorable Shirley Temple.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • PAM

    I grew up watching her .wend I was about ten years old I got her doll for christmas.I love that doll and as of today I do not no what happen to her. know I am 44 year old.

  • grechen

    gosh she looks so diffrent !

  • barbara sites

    Happy Birthday Shirley Temple
    i grew up watched all your films and still enjoy them–may you have the best Birthday and many more–i love you–Barbara Sites

  • Victoria Crowley

    Shirley is still just as beautiful. She reminds me of my mother, a look alike, my mother was also born in 1928. I got all of her younger dvd’s from the library and have so enjoyed them. Looking forward to purchasing all of her movies and especially want to see her movies as she got older. Talent like Shirley has not been imitated. May God richly bless Shirley Temple Black and her family! Victoria

  • Angelica

    WOOWW!! I grew up on shirly temple she looks good for 83 Yrs old ! Thanks for your movies:)

  • myisha

    hi my name is myisha and im 12 and i still love shirley temples movies and right now i am righting about her how pritty she is and when she was born and evry thing about her my big dream is to meet shirley temple one day because she is my favoret famous person in the world shirly i think you are the prittyest and coolest person in the world

  • Isabelle Ingrams

    Hey i love this show i love it i used to look at sheriley temple i mean she haveing u laughing and the song i love her show she was little had the cute curly hair and she cute yes 82 years old your looking graet go sheriley temple make more song if u can or more movie and your a good actor very number 1 fan

  • paula

    Wow she is still so cute and looks great for 82. As a little girl I loved all her movies

    • paula


  • Norman Reed, Sr. (Nash,TN)

    Ms. Temple looks wonderful! I have enjoyed her movies when I was a child watching them with my grandmother-Donnie…

  • http://google Jadyn

    it looks like she is very healthy for 83! she looks great! she looks just the same as when she was younger,but you know,older! i think shes going to live for a long time! by the way,i loved ALL the shows you were in,shirley! you were and still are very beautiful! when i was younger, almost everything i watched was those shirley temple shows! right now im 10,and i still am into those! my mom says i my sisters and i used to watch it overand over again! i love you shirley and keep up the good work!:D

  • barbara

    wow she looks great for 83yrs old

  • holly

    so if u were 82 u would need plastick surgre to u jerk

  • Jake

    Grew up watching Shirley Temple movies. Thankyou for all the wonderful memories….

  • LiTia Petties

    Shirley Temple looks amazing!!

    • Alaina

      U do look great, but why plstic sergrey? U were wonderful in all your films and I love them. U are now 84, keep it up.

  • christ`ina`

    i remember being 7 wanting to be her.. i would watch mrs doubtfire and REWIND THE TAPE AND WATCH THE PREVIEWS OVER AND OVER…at that time she was around 66 yrs old. i didnt know that when i was 7 though

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