Here is a list of new speed camera locations that were just announced today for Baltimore County.

· Lansdowne High School2 bing 15 NEW SPEED CAMERAS IN PLACE – 3900-block Hollins Ferry Road (southbound)
· Arbutus Middle School – 1200-block Sulphur Spring Road (eastbound)
· Woodlawn High School – 1700-block Woodlawn Drive (southbound)
· Woodlawn Middle School/Woodmoor Elementary School – 3000-block Essex Road (northbound)
· Milford Mill Academy – 3800-block Washington Avenue (southbound)
· Wellwood International School – 2900-block Smith Avenue (eastbound)
· Old Court Middle School – 4600-block Old Court Road (eastbound)
· Rodgers Forge/Dumbarton Middle School – 200-block Stevenson Lane (eastbound)
· Halstead Academy – 7500-block Hillsway Road (southbound)
· Padonia Elementary School – 9800-block Greenside Drive (northbound)
· Dulaney High School – 200-block E. Padonia Road (southbound)
· Parkville High School – 2700-block Putty Hill Avenue (eastbound)
· Hawthorne Elementary School – 100-block Kingston Road (northbound)
· Dundalk Middle School/Dundalk Elementary School – 7000-block Dunmanway (westbound)
· Sparrows Point Middle School/Edgemere Elementary School – 7400-block North Point Road (northbound)


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