Did Lady Antebellum Steal “Need You Now” From A Popular 80s Song?

lady antebellum1 Did Lady Antebellum Steal Need You Now From A Popular 80s Song?

That’s what the artist is claiming. Listen to it for yourself:

Some people think “Need You Know” sounds eerily similar to a different crossover hit from back in the ’80s, a song called “Eye in the Sky”, by The Alan Parsons Project. An “Executive Personal Assistant to Alan Parsons” sent a letter to “Nashville Scene” saying that “hundreds of Alan Parson’s fans”  (there ARE hundreds of Alan Parson fans) are saying “Need You Now” is a lazy ripoff of “Eye in the Sky”. Somebody put together a mashup of the two songs, and they blend seamlessly together. 

You can check it out here and decide for yourself . . .


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