This Is A Weird Christmas Tradition In Spain

pooper This Is A Weird Christmas Tradition In Spain

So I just got back from Spain (where I was held against my will because of a national state of emergency, but that’s another story and not nearly as fun as this one). Apparently, one of their big Christmas traditions is about a guy who poops. Seriously. Here’s the uncensored pic I took in a mall of a 30 foot pooper guy:

pooper2 This Is A Weird Christmas Tradition In Spain

Gross, right? Especially the, uh, details. Quite a yule log.

Apparently, it’s called a caganer. It has something to do with wishing for fertile ground in the new year. They make it part of their manger scene, which I’m sure baby Jesus loves. The wikipedia page really is a fascinating read.

I’ve got lots of other pictures to share at some point, too, because it’s become so popular that’s it’s not limited to random dudes pooping. Oh no. You can get figurines of Obama, the Pope, Prince Charles, various European political figures and royalty, Spongebob Squarepants, Homer Simpson and more. All of them squatting, all of them with a present behind them.

We’re so tame here in America, huh?

  • montse

    Hi, I am Spanish and I now this tradition. For us is as normal as for Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Is all about traditions. But I guess not everybody has an open mind.

    • Reagan

      Hi there, monste…We found this to be hilarious, which is certainly one of its intentions, no? You do have to admit it’s bizarre…just as many traditions are!

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