Top Ten Cute (& Crazy) Music Festival Fashion Trends

1 coachella header michael tullberg getty images Top Ten Cute (& Crazy) Music Festival Fashion Trends

Photo by Michael Tullberg//Getty Images

This weekend, we had the opportunity to go to one of the biggest musical festivals in the world–Coachella Arts and Music Festival in Indio, California.

Located in the triple-digit degree desert on an expansive polo field with many stages, you can imagine that the clothing is as bare, sheer, and little as possible. But we did notice some over-arching fashion themes–most of them awful, some of them adorable.

Check out what the Top Ten Looks The World Was Wearing To Coachella and whether they were Rad, a Fad, or Bad.

Wear them (or stay far, far away from them) at your next summer concert, festival, or just to channel some hippie-rock chic when the weather heats up.

10. Pretty Floral Sundresses & Maxi Skirts

10 coachella patterned sun dresses gabriel olson Top Ten Cute (& Crazy) Music Festival Fashion Trends

Photo by Gabriel Olson

Our Fashion Verdict: Rad

Obviously the classiest look at the festival, girls of all shapes, ages, and sizes were wearing gorgeous little girlie frocks that had kind of a ’90s grunge-revivalist feel with them.

In chillier weather, the dresses and maxi skirts could be easily paired with some awesome lace up boots, but most girls in the super hot weather were smart and wearing little leather sandals.

  • laura

    I think this entire article misses the entire reason people go to a music festival…. My advice first be yourself…..wear what you want to wear and remember this is the 3 day party of your life…..Also you completely fail to mention that most of the styles this article claims as bad are fucking awesome when you have a head full of drugs and trust me the majority of the people at a festival like coachella are on drugs. PLus once again remember this is a party not a runway….rage out act ridiculous have a good sense of humor and remember being sexy is cool and all but its not the best goal in life to try and achieve 100%….honestly. The festival scene is a place of love and open minds hearts and spirits, be respectful….dont sit around and hate on attire.

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