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A Kid Got a Ball at a Baseball Game . . . Then Saw How Upset a Younger Kid Was and Gave It to Him

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Yesterday, I posted a video about a kid who pouted so much about not catching a foul ball, the commentators had someone bring him one.  So being a little brat paid off.

–But on Wednesday a kid in Arizona made up for it.  At a Diamondbacks game, Brewers second baseman Ricky Weeks threw a ball into the stands, right at a little kid wearing a Brewers jersey.

Here’s a link directly to the video (via

But it bounced off the kid’s glove, and another kid got it.  And if you think kids pretty much suck these days, get this:  The kid with the ball GAVE IT BACK.

–The Diamondbacks announcers were so impressed, they gave him four free tickets, an autographed bat, and brought him up to the booth.

**** Not to take anything away from the kid, but it looks like someone in the dugout wearing an orange jacket actually TOLD him to do it.

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