Chaz Bono: Then & Now [Photos]

Chaz Bono has just joined the cast of “Dancing With The Stars.” Here’s a look at Chaz through the years, before and after his gender transition:

chaz bono 2 Chaz Bono: Then & Now [Photos]

Cher comforts her daughter Chastity Bono during a rally for ‘National Coming Out Day’ in Washington DC in 1996. This was Cher’s first public appearance in support of her daughter.

chaz bono cher Chaz Bono: Then & Now [Photos]

Chastity and Cher at Sonny Bono’s funeral in 1998.

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  • Tamara

    It takes a whole lot of courage to do what Chaz Bono has done. Not only the courage to come out, but the surgery and the whole nine yards. I do admire his strength, courage and loyalty to the gay community. Rock on, Chaz!!

  • Steven Tyler

    Very Cool

  • Steven Tyler


  • Stu

    I don’t think his/her problem was solved by a sex change, still FAT and like the tv commercial says “it’s not what you’e eating but what’s eating you” something else besides sex change is going on, depression? who knows but the FAT says something is not right and the change didn’t help obviously.

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