Cafe Hon’s Denise Whiting Gives Up Her Trademark On The Word “Hon”

Gordon Ramsay was in town this week to film an episode of “Kitchen Nightmares” for the FOX Network. He came to help the Hampden eatery Cafe Hon get back in the black. What he found out was the kitchen was fine, the nightmare lay in the bad PR surrounding owner Denise Whiting’s trademarking of the term “Hon.” So this morning, Gordon came in to the Jojo and Reagan Show with Denise to make an announcement.

Denise apologized for the harm owning the trademark caused and said she will rid herself of the trademark, and the restaurant has been made over and will be open for business on Wednesday following Monday’s big reveal…

Here’s the entire unedited conversation…

  • Ann Goldberg

    Good for you, Denise! And good for all the hard-working and loyal people you employ, not to mention loyal fans of Cafe Hon and you! It seems that Gordon Ramsey’s visit helped you better understand the other side of the Hon controversy, you’ve taken action to end that toxic situation, and courageously come before the community with an open heart. Surely, everyone will embrace this opportunity and Cafe Hon can go back to being the unique, warm, fun-loving source of great food and camaraderie so many of us love.

    • craig

      what a crock of crap you just dished out!

  • Bob

    Do you think this will turn everything that has happened around ? Lots of big name people do and say things they come back and say they are sorry, but the never seem to regain the level they once had. Tears don’t always erase mistakes! Sorry HON !

  • SLG

    For an apology and a plea for forgiveness, that still sounded pretty defensive and angry. I bear no personal animosity toward her, but there are other wonderful community restaurants in this city that I will patronize.

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