Rihanna And Chris Brown: Secretly Seeing Each Other For Over A Year?

It’s been three years since Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna, ending their relationship. But apparently, it’s not over.

According to Us, Rihanna and Chris Brown have been secretly hooking up for over a year. A friend tells them, “She comes to see him anytime she’s in L.A.” Another friend says, ”They can’t get enough of each other. I don’t see it ending well.”

In December, Rihanna wrote on Twitter, “I’ll always love you #1LOVE.” Chris Brown later wrote, seemingly in response, “Love U more than u know!”

Should Rihanna keep seeing Chris Brown? Let us know what you think in our MIX poll.

  • http://google andrea nash

    even know i cant stand rihanna and i hate her with a passion i think that chris should take her back because love is love and if that discugting creature makes him happy then so b it lova chris.TEAM BREEZY 4 LIFE

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