Kitchen Nightmares Takes On Baltimore’s Cafe Hon

This is intense: Watch Gordon Ramsay gather the staff at Cafe Hon to tell owner Denise Whiting what they really think of her.


Though we’re not in either of these previews, Jojo and I spent two days filming with Gordon. On day one, we explained the situation to him, and on the second day, Gordon brought Denise into the studio where she announced that she was giving up the “Hon” trademark.

Click here to listen to the original interview.

  • craig

    She looks like a nasty, lying, 2 face piece of crap. I don’t buy any of her sob story !

  • Gabby

    I don’t believe a word that came out of that lady’s mouth. She gave back HON because it is good for business. Just like she stole it because she thought it would be good for business. I really could care less or not but I can say I will not eat from that restaurant. I can’t stand nasty liars and she is proved to be one.

  • Bonnie On Oz Matthews

    when does this air? or has it already?

  • Vicki

    She’s a day late and a dollar short on that apology. I wouldnt eat at her restauant if she paid me. She’s a control freak, we wont even get into her HonFest demands. She’s laughing at us again because of the idiots that bought into her apology and will spend their money in her restaurant.

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