The Ipad3 is coming!!!!!

Soooo start saving your money or deleting or your info on your previous Ipad’s to sell em!!!!  All your delicious Apple updates are inside! 

So word on the street is next Wednesday, March 7!!!  Invites have been sent out…dang it, where’s MINE!!!!  The invite confirmed Apple would debut the newest iPad!!!   The invite even said “We have something you really have to see. And touch”!!!!!  YES!!!!!

ipad3 announce The Ipad3 is coming!!!!!

For more info…check out:

Time to get excited!!!!!  Do you have an Ipad or Iphone???  Would you recommend one to someone??? (comment below)



  • Stephanie @ The Coexist Cafe


    I’m excited, too, though(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). :)

    • Priestly

      Lol Stephanie!!! It’s Priestly…and I LOVE my exclamation points!!!!! :) Lol But I am excited too! (nice exclamation usage too btw!!!!!!!!!!)

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