Beyonce And Sleigh Bells Form Admiration Society

It might seem like an unlikely pairing, a pop diva and a power rock duo, but it looks like a mutual admiration is blooming between Beyonce and Sleigh Bells. The rockers recorded an acoustic cover of Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” for BBC1 Radio, taking a step away from their usual bombastic sound.

This isn’t the first Beyonce has heard of Sleigh Bells, however. While working on her last album, 4, producer Diplo, who happens to be a friend, played the duo for the diva. She liked it well enough to request the stems for their song “Kids,” which was ultimately not included in her album. Diplo started a rumor that Sleigh Bells actually recorded with Beyonce on the album, which guitarist and songwriter Derek Miller debunked in The Guardian. But singer Alexis Krauss says, ”Oh dude, I’m so in love with [Beyonce]. She’s one of the few people I’d be a total starstuck idiot in front of. R&B’s a huge influence for both of us, especially on this record.”

This summer Sleigh Bells will hit the road with the Red Hot Chili Peppers while new mom Beyonce gears up to start in the film One Hit Wonders.


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