What They Look Like Now: The Girl From Matilda [Photos]

This is Mara Wilson, who played the title character in 1996’s Matilda. She was 9 years old when Matilda came out, and this year she turns 26. So what does Mara Wilson look like today?

This is the last time Mara attended a Hollywood event…It was in 2000:

Photo by Online USA

Photo by Online USA

However, Mara has started a website, called MaraWilsonWritesStuff.com.

Mara is also active on Twitter (@MaraWritesStuff) and you can see her Twitter profile picture here.

And here’s an interview Mara did recently:


Mara, in a post called “Are You Still Acting?“, writes about the strange disconnection she feels with the girl who starred in Matilda and Miracle on 34th Street.

On getting Matilda compliments:

” I didn’t write Matilda or direct the movie, I just played the part.”

On acting itself:

“Film acting is not very fun. Doing the same thing over and over again until, in the director’s eyes, you “get it right,” does not allow for very much creative freedom.”

On acting in the future:

” I don’t have any plans to pursue film acting. It’s not my “thing” anymore, if it ever was. Yes, I do still act sometimes. But when I do, it’s with people I know and trust, people who respect me as a person and appreciate what I have to offer. Yes, I love working in theater and have always loved voice-over, but pursuing a full-time live-action film career does not appeal to me. And no, you will not ever see me on Dancing With The Stars.”

Here’s what Mara had to say about the Matilda musical:

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