Kelly Clarkson’s New Boyfriend [Photos]

She had no problem enjoying the single life, but Kelly Clarkson is in a pretty quiet relationship…with someone who has some strong ties to the country music world.

kelly clarkson boyfriend brandon blackstock reba Kelly Clarksons New Boyfriend [Photos]

Kelly’s new boyfriend is Brandon Blackstock (above). Brandon is Reba McEntire’s stepson. His dad (and Reba’s husband) is Narvel Blackstock, Kelly’s manager. Brandon manages Blake Shelton’s career…so it’s no coincidence that Kelly is now working as a mentor with Blake on this season of The Voice.

Kelly recently told a Toronto radio station, “I have a new boyfriend. Well, not a new one. … I haven’t dated in a while…He understands my work and how much I work and I understand his stuff.”

Blackstock, who is divorced with two children, is Kelly’s first boyfriend since she broke up with David Hodges of Evanescence.

Kelly and Brandon have tweeted each other from their respective accounts, @kelly_clarkson and @BBlackstock:

Click on Page 2 to see pictures of Brandon with Blake Shelton, Reba and Narvel, and Kelly with Brandon at the Super Bowl.

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