10 Weird Celebrity Hobbies

How to unwind after a tough day of attending awards ceremonies and movie premieres? Well, if you’re Tom Cruise, by fencing. That’s the sport Tom enjoys along with Will Smith and David Beckham, the Huffington Post notes in its list of 10 celebrity leisure activities.

  • David Arquette: The former Mr. Courteney Cox is a knitter, who knew? Apparently Russell Crowe also partakes in this particular pastime.
  • Mila Kunis: She’s so addicted to online game World of Warcraft that she actually had to give it up for a while.
  • Bob Barker: Can you picture the Price is Right host doing karate? No? Well, turns out he’s a black belt who studied under Chuck Norris.
  • Taylor SwiftOf course America’s Sweetheart enjoys making snowglobes in her spare time. Of course.

Click for the full list, which includes a model train collector and a ping-pong player.


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