Retro Replay 3/30/12

80’s week comes to a close, I’ve been inspired yet again, this time by news of another boyband revival for this summer!

Hope ya dug the 80’s week Retro Replay…did ya notice it was all “dudes”???  So if ya have not heard 98 Dergrees, Nick Lachey and crew are reuniting for a summer tour, more info below…BUT we gotta give it up to the guys who really have done the come back thing right!  Ya might say they “Have the right stuff baby”:)  N.KO.T.B!!!!

98 Degrees backwards is 89′!!!!  So here we go 1989, the anthem for all of us who WON’T win Mega Millions tonight!!!!

priestly and nick lachey Retro Replay 3/30/12

For everything on my boy Nick and the BIG reunion….check it all out here!

Have a great weekend!



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