Retro Replay “OMG! WEEK” 4/2/12

This week we’re digging up some “OH YEAH” songs and seeing if you’d like to hear em more often!!!

Ok…so in the biz, we call em’ “Oh Sh!@#” songs…you know em’ the kind that make ya stop and say “Oh Sh!!!! No They DID’NT!!!”:)  In my opinion these songs help add to the “Variety You Asked For”…right?  So just like Jon Boeshe’ has Mix it’ or Nix It with the new stuff at 8pm on your radio…lets see if these trax are something your into…or not???  Just click the poll below…thx!

So today a #1 song from 09′! The 1st single from Owl City…”Fireflies”


Now…is that something you’d like to pop up, once in a blue moon, on Mix?


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