A New Study Has Identified the Main Signs Women Give Off That Make Men Think They’re Easy

We’ve got the results from a study that covers pretty familiar material . . . men want one-night stands with wilder girls, but want to settle down with women who have more substance.  Meh.  We’ve heard all that before.

BUT . . . researchers at the University of Texas used the answers to identify the main signs that make a man THINK a woman is EASY.  Now THAT’S interesting.

Here are five of the signs men look for . . . sometimes subconsciously . . . when they’re trying to find a woman to get-it-on with that night:

Acting and dressing goofy or childish.

Looking SLEEPY.

Looking extra DRUNK.

Licking your lips a lot, or doing a lot of lip biting.

Touching your own breasts.

Daily Mail


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