Birds Poop on Red Cars More Than Other Color Cars . . . and Poop on Green Ones the Least

A study by a British car accessory company called Halfords found that the color of your car might decide whether or not birds POOP on it.  Here’s how the different car colors ranked as targets for birds:

#1.)  The cars that birds pooped on the most were . . . RED.  18% of all red cars had signs of bird droppings on them.

==> A survey a few years back revealed that red cars tend to get pulled over for speeding more. What’s with all the red car hate?

#2.)  Blue was the next most popular target:  14% of blue cars were hit by birds.

#3.)  11% of black cars . . . or one in nine . . . had bird droppings on them.

#4.)  7% of white cars were pooped on.

#5.)  Grey and Silver cars tied at 3%.

#6.)  And the car color LEAST likely to be pooped on was . . . GREEN.  Only 1% had been targeted by birds.



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