Couples Only Apologize For 31% of the Stuff They Should

I think we just found the explanation behind almost EVERY couple’s argument in the world.  People just HATE saying “I’m sorry.”

In a new study, researchers had 120 couples keep journals about their fights, and how often they apologized to each other.  And they found people only apologize for 31% of the stuff they really SHOULD apologize for.

That means about seven out of 10 fights don’t end with someone saying “I’m sorry” . . . and it can lead to a lot of built-up frustration and serious problems over time.

The researchers found the main reason people don’t apologize is . . . they don’t think it’s going to work anyway.

In couples where both people are very satisfied, apologies end fights . . . in other couples, they really don’t have much of an impact because the apologies are usually interpreted as being insincere.

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