Retro Replay 7/19/12 Batman Edition!!

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Priestly's Retro Replay!!!
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If your one of the lucky few who is seeing “The Dark Knight Rises” tonight…I’m JEALOUS!!!!  Today’s Retro is dedicated to the Batman himself!!!!  To the Battime-machine!

darkknight Retro Replay 7/19/12 Batman Edition!!

The much anticipated final movie to the Dark Knight franchise hits it’s epic conclusion tonight at Midnight and I WISH I could be there…probably won’t even make it till next week sometime!!!!  Ughhhhh….let us know what you think, the minute you get out at PLEASE!!!!

So let’s do this….Great song…awesome video!!!  Batman Forever…not so much!!!!


Seriously, Forevers‘ soundtrack was sooo good!!!!


Garanteed, there will not be one song like these featured in Rises!!!!  Enjoy…also, ALL WEEKEND LONG!  We’re giving away tix to see The Dark Knight Rises!!!  So if $$’s tight…fear not, Mix 1065 is here to save the day!!!


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