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Here Are The 10 Movies That Make Men Cry

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Kleenex did a survey of Australian women, and all of them said they’d seen their husband or boyfriend cry at a movie.  Only 40% said they’d cried at the birth of their children, 25% cried on their wedding day, and 10% cried when their favorite sports team lost.  Anyway, here are the ten movies most likely to get a guy choked up:

10.  “Toy Story 3″

9.  “My Sister’s Keeper”:  That’s a Cameron Diaz movie from 2009 by the guy who directed “The Notebook”, about a little girl with leukemia and her organ donor sister.

8.  “Titanic”

7. “Love Actually”

6.  “Forrest Gump”

5.  “The Notebook”

4. “The Shawshank Redemption”

3.  “Life is Beautiful”

2.  “Red Dog”:  That was an Australian movie released last year about another dog that dies.  So apparently that does the trick.

1.  “Marley and Me”

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