The Average Person Lies 11 Times Per Week . . . And If You Stop, It Might Improve Your Health

We all lie so much, we don’t even think about it.  Sure, you might feel bad if you tell a BIG lie . . . like “Yeah, I remembered to pick up the kids.  On an unrelated note, I need to go out this second and, um, buy some milk.”  Otherwise, no.

But it turns out those lies are BAD FOR YOU.  And according to a new study out of Notre Dame . . . the college in Indiana, not the cathedral . . . the average person tells 11 LIES per week.

In the study, they had people ages 18 to 71 try their best not to tell ANY lies for 10 weeks.  By the end of the study, those people were averaging about one lie per week.  And . . . their overall HEALTH had improved.

In the 10 weeks of trying not to lie, the average person had about three fewer physical complaints, and four fewer mental health complaints.

The theory here is obvious:  Even if you don’t think about your lies, the stress that comes from telling them takes a toll on you.

Detroit Free Press



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