One Out Of Three People Say It’s Fine To Read Your Partner’s Texts If They’re Acting Suspiciously

This is definitely not a ringing endorsement of trust in relationships today.  But it is a ringing endorsement of always taking your phone with you to the bathroom.

According to a new survey, one third of people say it’s totally fine to read your partner’s texts or emails if they’re acting suspiciously.

37% of women say they’d have no issues with digging through their significant other’s texts and emails if they thought he might be cheating.  Men were less likely to be okay with prying, only 29% say it’s fine.

The survey also found that only 41% of people 18 to 34 say it’s fine to date more than one person at the same time.  People over 55 were most likely to have no problem with the idea of dating multiple people.


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