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Think You’ve Seen Enough “Gangnam Style” Parodies? Think Again.

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Here are SIX, count ‘em SIX more “Gangnam Style” remakes for you.

This new dance video has gone crazy viral and now is on pace to shatter the parody record set this summer by “Call Me Maybe”.  Here’s

If the Naval Academy was the ultimate in prestige for the weird, horsey-like dance, then Gandalf doing it has sunk it like a submarine.

Let’s start with the Oregon Duck doing the dance…and getting abused while doing it…

Next up, Gandalf from “Lord of the Rings”…

These guys not only redid the lyrics, but they changed the music to a weird, electronic vibe, so mad props to them.

Since the song is from South Korea, you had to figure someone would do a North Korean parody…

I’m not really sure what “Ohio” style is. Maybe you can figure it out…

And of course, this survey wouldn’t be complete without little kids doing the dance…

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