The Top 10 Reasons Men and Women Give For Dumping You

A new survey found the top 10 reasons men and women dump each other. Number one for women was:  fear of commitment.  Yep, the OPPOSITE of the stereotype.  Number one for men was “It’s just not working.”  Here are the top 10 reasons women gave.

#1.)  I’m not ready for a commitment.

#2.)  This is going too fast for me.

#3.)  You don’t make enough money.

#4.)  You aren’t mature enough.

#5.)  I need to focus on my career.

#6.)  I don’t like your friends or family.

#7.)  It’s just not working.

#8.)  We aren’t going to get married, so what’s the point?

#9.)  We don’t have enough in common.

#10.)  I don’t trust you.

–And here are the top 10 reasons MEN give for dumping you:

#1.)  It’s just not working.

#2.)  I’ve met someone else.

#3.)  I’m not attracted to you anymore.

#4.)  We’ve lost the sexual spark.

#5.)  It’s not you, it’s me.  Yep, the cliché that will make every woman laugh you out of the room actually made the cut.

#6.)  I need to concentrate on my career.

#7.)  We want different things.

#8.)  I don’t want to see you anymore.

#9.)  I’m not ready for a commitment.

#10.)  We don’t have enough in common.

Medical Daily


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