Men Now Take Longer to Get Ready Than Women?

How long does it take the average man to get ready? How about the average woman? According to a new survey, the time both men and women take to get ready is pretty surprising:

According to a new survey, men spend longer getting ready to go out than women.  The survey found the average man spends 75 minutes a day showering, shaving, and styling himself.  The average woman spends 70 minutes.

  • 42% of the men surveyed use a hair dryer.
  • 88% groom their body hair at least once a week.
  • 98% plan out their outfits in advance.
  • 76% end up trying on a few different things before they settle on what they’re going to wear.
  • The survey also found the average man owns four pairs of shoes, five pairs of jeans, 17 shirts, and 11 pairs of socks.
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