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A New Survey on Things That Are Worse Than They Used to Be, Including Manners, Schools, TV, Music, and Kids

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Photo credit: AFP/Getty Images

Photo credit: AFP/Getty Images

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A new survey asked people to name things that aren’t as good as they used to be.  And people had no problem rattling off a massive list.  Here’s the top 15:

#1.)  Manners and politeness

#2.)  The weather

#3.)  Bars

#4.)  Schools

#5.)  TV

#6.)  Public transportation

#7.)  Banks

#8.)  Children

#9.)  Music

#10.)  Doctors

#11.)  The police

#12.)  Hollywood movies

#13.)  Politicians

#14.)  Sports

#15.)  Sex

Our listeners added appliances, Levi’s jeans, Hershey Kisses, furniture and Girl Scout cookies to the list of things that aren’t as good as they used to be.

So, is anything actually better than it used to be?

Only four things got positive rankings in this survey:

#1.) Restaurants

#2.) Cars

#3.) Vacations

#4.) Fashion

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