“Mega Mosquitoes” 20 Times the Size of Normal Mosquitoes Are Set to Invade Florida

According to entomologists at the University of Florida, a swarm of “mega mosquitoes” is set to invade central Florida this summer.

The mega mosquitoes are technically called gallinippers or psorophora ciliate. But when they’re attacking you, their proper name is probably the least of your concerns.  Because they’re 20 times bigger than regular mosquitoes (the size of a small moth), and their bites really hurt.

Dr. Howard Russell at Michigan State University says, “Their mouthparts feel like telephone poles being shoved into your skin when they bite.

The gallinippers could hatch this summer, because of the flood waters caused by tropical storms.  Usually their eggs just stay underground, and don’t all hatch at the same time, but when the water pushes them above ground, they hatch.

The scientists at Florida say you can keep them off of you with strong bug spray and by covering yourself up as much as possible.

Have a great vacation.


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