Boston Marathon Hits Too Close To Baltimore. Priestly And Jenn’s Trainer, Allison Woodward, Was There!

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Thoughts and prayer’s go out to the families and victims of the tragic events which occurred during the Boston Marathon.  Jenn and I watched the “story” unfold live on tv as we started our show…and quickly came to the realization, our trainer from Bair Hills…was there!

As many people know, I got healthy in 2013…much thanks to the fine people at Bair Hills Racquet and Fitness…in particular, my trainer/Wellness Director, Allison Woodward!!  Allison inspired me to unlock a MUCH BETTER ME…also a  MAJOR driving force in my cold turkey quitting of soda…whom ultimately became a wonderful friend to my wife Anthea, Jenn and myself…which is why when we put 2 and 2 together…we freaked out!

The good news is…Allison is fine…we did have her on the show yesterday and got her take on the events that occurred:

It’s mind boggling why things like this happen…it breaks my heart to hear the story of this 8 year old boy Martin.  This poor family and the uphill battle they have to take on.

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