Boston Marathon Hits Too Close To Baltimore. Priestly And Jenn’s Trainer, Allison Woodward, Was There!

Thoughts and prayer’s go out to the families and victims of the tragic events which occurred during the Boston Marathon.  Jenn and I watched the “story” unfold live on tv as we started our show…and quickly came to the realization, our trainer from Bair Hills…was there!

As many people know, I got healthy in 2013…much thanks to the fine people at Bair Hills Racquet and Fitness…in particular, my trainer/Wellness Director, Allison Woodward!!  Allison inspired me to unlock a MUCH BETTER ME…also a  MAJOR driving force in my cold turkey quitting of soda…whom ultimately became a wonderful friend to my wife Anthea, Jenn and myself…which is why when we put 2 and 2 together…we freaked out!

The good news is…Allison is fine…we did have her on the show yesterday and got her take on the events that occurred:

Priestly and Jenn's Trainer, Allison Woodward

It’s mind boggling why things like this happen…it breaks my heart to hear the story of this 8 year old boy Martin.  This poor family and the uphill battle they have to take on.

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