Items You Cannot “Cheap Out” On

We asked our listeners: “What products do you have to spend a little bit more money on? Is there something you buy where the basic-level, generic version doesn’t quite cut it?” Here are the top answers:

The number one answer by far: toilet paper. Says one listener: “It’s no fun wiping with cheap sandpaper!”

Other top responses:

Q-tips. Generic ones feel like your cleaning your ear with a pencil !!
Never ever get a cheap bra ladies! Give the sisters some good support!
Band aids! The generic ones don’t stick!!
Cant cheap out on Pop Tarts.
Canned fruit/veggies
Can’t cheap out on kitchen knives! Gotta use Cutco!
Can’t cheap out on cereal!
Wrapping paper
You cant go cheap with soap, of any kind: bath, detergent or dish. It does not work.
Rum. Gotta be Captain Morgan.

Socks. There’s nothing like a nice pair of socks

Do not get pregnancy tests at the dollar store.
Cheese. Cheap cheese tastes like watered down oil. Eww
Definitely make up
Mac and cheese. No powder. It’s cheap and is it really cheese?
Trash bags
Beer! No natural light here!

What else would you add to the list?

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