I’m Getting OLD!!! VMA’S…Now 1st Grade!

After watching last nights VMA’s…and then this morning, I sent my big boy, Jack to 1st Grade…this is getting to be too much. Then again, things could be worse…I could be Miley Cyrus’s Dad!!!!!  (Poor guy!)

So last night…thanks to the *NSYNC hype…we had the VMA’s on.  Not sure if I would have watched…but I did, AND I took NOTES…here:

VMAS (8/25/13)

Gaga open-fake boos-weird costume changes-SNL-Ass in my face

Miley-HOLY CRAP-Robin Thicke-Foamfinger-who are these 2 guys-damn I’m old

Timberlake-Fallon fantastic intro/outro-AMAZING!  Dancing singing, piano-NSYNC-best part was when he left them behind!

Mackelmore-2nd tent pole for the night-historic-who was that chick at the end

Katy Perry-Rocky Balboa-good night

That’s pretty much what I thought…YIKES!!!

Then I had to wake up and take my kid to 1st GRADE!!!!  Getting OLD SUCKS!!!!

Then again…it’s totally worth it!  Way to go Jack! (Unless your Billy Ray Cyrus)

Super Proud of my 1st grader!!!


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