(Jon Boesche’) Randomness:

-The only way to combat The Miley… is to turn it off. Don’t watch, don’t talk, pay it no mind. No need to talk about it. Too many opinions already. Which actually could be the root of the problem anyway.

-Jamie Costello from Channel 2 and Channel 13’s Jessica Kartalija filled in so far for the vacationing Reagan. Great couple of days with some cool people. Jessica is from San Diego and Jamie has no idea what True Blood is.

-Tastykake has these fruit pies. They come with their own little tin inside the packaging. Maria is mesmerized by that.

-Maria and Jon have not seen Pitch Perfect. Or eaten fish tacos.

-I am not worrying about the Orioles just yet.

-I think the Ravens defense could be the best in the league this year. It feels like they could turn it on anytime they wish.

-It’s not time yet, but the change of seasons is a remarkable time of the year for me. Deep colors. Deep thoughts. (ps) I LOVE Halloween!

-Find time to sit by the water. It helps. With everything.

Till next time Babies..

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