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An Update from Maria (And Photos!)

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Photo: Maria Dennis

Photo: Maria Dennis

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Maria Dennis called into the Mix Morning Show to give an update on everything that’s going on with her. Here’s the phone call, and some photos she sent along:

An Update from Maria

maria dennis 2014 An Update from Maria (And Photos!)
MIX 106.5

Reagan: Maria, we’ve been getting constant messages and calls, so…how’s everything going?

Maria: So you know what…everything’s going well. As expected, actually. I got our of the hospital the other day after a three-week stint at Johns Hopkins. I started my first round of chemo, and it was a little tricky in the beginning I have to say. It was not easy. But towards the end it was great, and I’m out. I’m home now. So what they’re going to do now is wait for my blood counts to build back up again, because with the chemo it knocks everything down to get rid of the leukemia.

Once that happens, I’ll go back into the hospital for another in-patient visit for another round of chemo so they can knock down more of the leukemia cells. And that’s the point: to try and get rid of them. And then, I hear, I’m going to need a bone marrow transplant, kind of like Robin Roberts did.

Jon: People ask us how you are and we’ve been searching for sentences. The one sentence I’ve been using over and over again is that you’re working hard. Is there a better sentence than that, or is that pretty appropriate?

Maria: I mean, you gotta kinda go with the flow with this whole thing because these certain medicines, they give you cocktails – whatever your leukemia or your cancer is, they give you different types of cocktails to benefit your body exclusively, and some have good side effects and some have really not good side effects. So it’s like a work in progress. They’re doing it as they go along. And I’m doing a trial, actually, with a certain medicine and we’re having great results with it.

Reagan: Maria, can we talk about your hair?

Maria: It’s gone…It’s gone. I’m bald.

Reagan: How do you feel about it?

Maria: You know, I did the final last night because it was so spotty. First, I did my bob, and then I did a little pixie in the last two days which I’ll send you a picture of and you can put that up, I guess (below), but the bald one…I’m going to wait a little bit on that, you know what I mean?

Jon: We hear that the doo-rag/baseball cap combination would look good on you.

Maria: Oh you know what it is? It’s the fedora, babe. That’s what it is!

Jon: Hey Maria, serious questions: What did you miss most, the morning show with me and Reagan…or vodka?

Maria: (laughter) Kind of a toss up, actually.

Jon: We’re getting a lot of texts from our friends…and the one I get the most is  “Get Maria back in the studio so she can shut you down when you need to be shut down!”

Maria: I need to shut you down! I know! I gotta do that. You know, I was thinking of popping in next week, if that’s ok.

Jon/Reagan: Absolutely! That would be great.

Maria: Maybe just for a little bit…play hot mess pyramid…mess it up in there a little bit for you guys.

Jon: That would be great…The first question we get everywhere we go, even before the greeting, is “How’s Maria?”

Reagan: Yup….everyone’s with you.

Maria: Oh that’s so great. And I’ve gotten so many…I can’t begin to tell you…countless messages and text and emails. I can’t even get to them. I’m so appreciative of everyone and really I can’t even get to everyone to thank them, but the outpouring of love is unbelievable. So nice.

Jon: We feel people surging. They’re starting to say, “Give us a little bit,” so that’s why we called you last night to get you on with us.

Maria: Oh yeah yeah. And here’s one other thing…I don’t know if I  should even say this, if my doctors want me to say this, but: I have A.L.L., which is a certain type of leukemia, and they’re saying I’m respoinding so well to the treatment and everything, they almost called it “Diet A.L.L.” (laughter) It’s certainly not a medical term., and I’m not sure they’re going to be happy about me saying that, but… I mean, I’m so positive…It’s so great, and I’m doing so well, I just thank God.

Reagan: Maria, we love you so much, we know you gotta run to a doctor’s appointment, but can’t wait for real cocktails soon, alright?

Maria: Yes, definitely. Love you guys.

Photo: Maria Dennis and friends

Photo: Maria Dennis and friends

Photo: Maria Dennis

Photo: Maria Dennis

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