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The Scientific Formula For The Perfect Road Trip

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Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images

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Dr. David Holmes is a psychologist in England, and he just came up with a scientific formula for the perfect road trip.

These are the seven ingredients you need for the perfect road trip, according to the study by Hertz:

1.  Two to four people in the car, who are all outgoing and talkative.

2.  An equal number of guys and girls.

3.  A destination you’ve never been to before.

4.  A comfortable car.

5.  Four to six hours of driving.

6.  Three to four stops along the way.

7.  Nice weather outside.

If you vary on any of these, it makes the trip less perfect.  And if you have a lot of variation on most of them, you’re in trouble.



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