Are You Smarter Than Reagan?

Eric thought he was. But NOPE; he wasn’t. He got 3 of 5. Reagan aced it. 5 of 5.

How ill you do? (answers below)


1)Former American idol judge..who always used the term…. “dog”….. celebrates his 60th bday today. Whats his name?
2)She’s back on the music scene and getting ready to drop her new single. Who’s the former lead singer of black eyed peas?
3)It has been revealed that Indiana Jones will not die in the next installment of this movie. Who plays Indiana Jones….. and……. who was the original director of the movie?
4)Orioles win their 1000th game at our stadium last night. What is the official name of our baseball stadium? (opcy)
5)Famed OJ Simpson prosecutor………christopher darden making the rounds on daytime tv. Can you name any other lawyer associated with the OJ Simpson case? (




1)(randy jackson)


3)(harrison ford / steven spielberg)

4)(spielberg / harrison ford)

5) (johnny cochran, marcia clark,robert shapiro, robert kardashian etc)

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