5 Pop/Country Duets We’d Love To Hear

By Amanda Wicks

Country and pop music may seem like two drastically different genres, but more and more artists from each one are collaborating in exciting ways together. After Kenny Chesney announced today (July 6th) that he’d be delaying his upcoming album Some Town Somewhere so he could include a new duet with P!nk on it, we got to thinking: What other pop/country collaborations would be pure gold?

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Demi Lovato & Chris Stapleton

Both Lovato and Stapleton have a gravelly nuance to their voice and an extreme range that packs a powerful punch. Simply put, they can take any song into new territory through vocals alone. Although it might seem out of the blue to hear them duet on a song together, we think their harmonies would be out of this world.

The Weeknd & Dierks Bentley

Bentley’s newest album Black gets into some heavy emotional subject matter. Given The Weeknd’s penchant for venturing into life’s darker side, we could see strong potential for a powerful number, especially if it combined The Weeknd’s big beats with Bentley’s country flare.

Justin Timberlake and Lady Antebellum

The group already covered Timberlake’s single “Can’t Stop the Feeling” at Buckeye Country Superfest, much to fans’ delight. The way they put a country touch on his pop/R&B hit, we think they’d do beautifully teaming up together on a new song. Just so long as Timberlake gets either Pharrell or Timberland to produce it.

Taylor Swift & Carrie Underwood & Miranda Lambert

As country’s former princess, Swift is obviously no stranger to the sound, but given her pop leanings of late it’d be interesting to see her blend what she’s learned in a new song that taps equally big country personalities. Besides, Swift’s #Squad seems to be missing a few good ol’ gals, and we think Underwood and Lambert would be just the trick.

Beyoncé and Little Big Town

No one expected Beyoncé to go country on her newest album Lemonade, but now the world doesn’t know what it was doing before she tried on her cowboy boots. Considering that Little Big Town tapped Pharrell to produce their new album Wanderlust, it seems as though the group is prepping for a bit of a crossover. Although it might seem like a strange pair at first, these five could do weird, funky things together. Musically, of course.


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