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79 Songs of the Summer, Ranked From Worst to Best

We take a look back at every song that ruled the summer from 1940 to 2014 to figure out just what the best song of the summer is.

7 hours ago

(Katie Yu /The CW)

‘iZombie’ Recap Episode 11: Is This the Real Life?

Eating a mentally unstable brain wrecks havoc on Liv’s grip on reality.

7 hours ago

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

The Rock Smashes Record For Most Selfies Taken

The Rock smashes world record for most selfies taken in less than 3 minutes.

9 hours ago

Photo by: Adam Berry
Getty Images News

The Ten Smells We Love The Most…And Ten We Hate

What is the smell you love the most? You may not be alone.

Mix 106.5–9 hours ago

(Courtesy of Netflix)

Bill Murray Will Wish You a ‘Very Murray Christmas’ This December

It was announced Murray was working on a Christmas special with director Sofia Coppola for Netflix, and now there’s a video teaser.