Lorde Had Everyone At The Met Gala Sign Her Arm CastLorde was one of the many celebrities in attendance of the 2016 Met Gala earlier this week and her broken arm didn't stop her from having a ball.
Priestly's Retractable Leash Video/RantOuuuuuuwwwwwieeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dang that hurt! Thank goodness it wasn't a cord burn...this was like a bullet was shot into my thumb!!! Like the soft bottom part of my paw...yet look at this!!!
2016 Met Gala: Behind the Scenes with Music RoyaltyPhotos from the red carpet circulated on Twitter, fashion blogs, and tabloid media. However, the celebrities themselves gave the best behind-the-scenes glimpse of the night's most memorable sights.
It's Official: "Space Jam 2" Is HappeningIt's not a rumor anymore: "Space Jam 2" with Lebron James is happening.
It Costs $284 More to Be a Groomsman Than a BridesmaidWhen you're a bridesmaid, you spend all morning getting your hair and make-up done. Meanwhile the groomsmen just hang out and get ready in 20 minutes if they need to. So this kind of evens things out.
Adele Shouts Out Leicester City After Premier League VictoryThe singer showed what a good sport she is.
Would YOU Sue For Too Much Ice In Your Iced Coffee?!This has happened to me so often, but I wouldn't SUE the company....would you!?
The One Stretch You Should Do If You Have A Desk JobDr. Phoenyx Austin specializes in sports medicine, and she says there's one stretch you should be doing at work every day if you have a desk job.
Is Maternity Leave Unfair to People Without Kids?A new book pushes for everyone to get a few months off for maternity leave. Even if they've never had kids.
Justin Timberlake Pokes Fun at 'It's Gonna Be May' MemeTimberlake asks the question: Can You Meme Yourself?
Donald Trump Rap Parody Uses Real Trump Quotes“Everything Trump says is straight out of a rapper’s play book."
Calvin Harris Drops New Single 'This Is What You Came For' Featuring RihannaPerhaps this announcement, coupled with Harris' recent Coachella headlining sets, signal that a new album is coming soon.

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