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Maria Dennis

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Make Your Own Scented Soap And Candles

Want to make your own scented soaps and candles? Find out more here.

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By:Rob Foldy
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How Do You Play Lacrosse?

CLICK HERE to learn how to play lacrosse!

Mix 106.5–03/26/2015

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Kamar Aiken From The Ravens Is Awesome

Maria Dennis met Kamar Aiken of the Baltimore Ravens over the weekend.

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Letting Your Dog Lick Your Face Can Help Your Allergies

Researchers at the University of Arizona are conducting a study to see if a dog’s saliva can help with allergy symptoms.

Mix 106.5–03/20/2015

By: Pier Marco Tacca
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People All Over The World Are Wearing Yellow Next Friday

People all over the world are going to be wearing yellow next Friday, see why!

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Over Or Under? I Have The Answer!

The debate over whether you hang your toilet paper “over” or “under” is a thing that people will argue about until the end of time.

Mix 106.5–03/18/2015

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Joyce Needs Your Help

Hi, My friend Joyce Kasoff and her daughter Brenna are struggling.  Brenna’s cancer is back and they are stopping treatment.  All Brenna wants for her Mom is a reliable car.  Can you help?  Click HERE […]

Mix 106.5–03/09/2015

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Do You Like The New Olive Garden Logo?

I LOVE Olive Garden….now I hear they may close in Maryland?!  What’s going on there??? They have re-done their logo, but are getting backlash…do you like it?

Mix 106.5–03/07/2014

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10 Things That Men Do That Annoy Women The Most

OK…Here are the ten things MEN do that annoy women the MOST. 1.  Never admitting you’re wrong. 2.  Hogging the remote. 3.  Passing gas in public . . . out loud. 4.  Refusing to multitask. […]

Mix 106.5–02/20/2014

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30 Things To Get Rid Of….Right Now

If you need to purge….slim down….de-clutter…here are 30 things to get rid of FIRST to make you feel better… 1.  The ice cream carton that’s almost empty. 2.  Anything in your freezer that you don’t […]

Mix 106.5–02/11/2014