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Priestly's B-Day Kiddos!
Photo Credit: Priestly

Party Etiquette For Kids Birthdays

Hey it’s Priestly…we just celebrated Parker and Olivia’s 7 B-day!!! This year we threw 2 separate parties, and at both, we had party crashers of the sibling variety!

Mix 106.5–02/03/2016

Yup at a closer inspection, that's me!!!!!
Photo Credit: Perks Photography (Anthea Glassman)

Priestly Finds The First Radiothon Billboard

Priestly found the first Radiothon billboard! Have you seen it yet?

Mix 106.5–02/01/2016

The Kings Contrivance menu, part of Howard County Restaraunt Weeks. Photo Credit: Priestly

Now That The Streets Are Clearing, Get Out And Treat Yourself To Howard County Restaurant Week!

Howard County Restaurant Weeks is back in action! Check out Priestly’s dining experience here.

Mix 106.5–01/28/2016

Photo credit: GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images

Tips for More Flattering Photos On Your Dating Profile

Are you updating (or starting) an online dating profile? These tips from Cosmo could help get you the coveted “right-swipe.”

Mix 106.5–01/15/2016

Priestly's Norm Of The North socks and activity book.
Photo Credit: Priestly

Norm Of The North, Priestly Family Review

So…Norm is from the arctic on mission to save his home. I’m here to save you! Momma P always said if you don’t have something nice to say, say nothing at all…so, I shot a video with the kids!

Mix 106.5–01/15/2016

Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Travel Etiquette for the Always Plugged In

A new survey out ranks the worst offenses you commit with your constant companion…are you guilty of any of these?

Mix 106.5–01/15/2016

Screen Shot of Landon Donovan sharing baby Landon's Pic.
Photo Credit: Uncle Priestly

Blown Away By Random Kindness Of Landon Donovan! Part 2!!!

So after Landon Donovan randomly honored my brother and his family by signing a jersey for his namesake, my nephew Landon…Landon Donovan does this!

Mix 106.5–01/14/2016

Priestly & Jo with O-Town
Photo Credit: Eric Selfie

O-Town Stop By The Priestly and Jo Show

O-town finally came back to town and will be lighting up the Baltimore Soundstage tonight to promote their new album “Lines and Circles”!! The guys were nice enough to swing by the studio on their way downtown.

Mix 106.5–01/11/2016

Landon Donovan signs jersey for namesake. Photo Credit: Priestly

Blown Away By Random Kindness Of Landon Donovan!

Hey it’s Priestly, I love hearing stories when people we look up to, not only meet our expectations but over shoot those expectations! Check out this incredible, TRUE story from my brother Jason, who has admired the talents of US Soccer star Landon Donovan all his life!

Mix 106.5–01/11/2016

Priestly's Norm Of The North socks and activity book.
Photo Credit: Priestly

Check Out “Norm Of The North” First in Maryland!

Today on the show Jo and I have your final family 4 pack of tix to the advance screening of “Norm Of The North”!!!!

Mix 106.5–01/07/2016

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