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Priestly & Jo

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies…Five Reviews

If you have not seen or read ANYTHING Tolkien, it may not make much sense to go out in see Five Armies, but there is still plenty of time to catch up. Watch the first two, and then go see it on the big screen. It’s totally worth it, just for the visual impact.

Mix 106.5–12/16/2014

Photo Credit: Priestly Screen Shot

Local Legend! Scott Simms From The Westminster Target Live With Priestly and Jo!

Local celeb, Scott Simms made a name for himself Black Friday….find out why:

Mix 106.5–12/05/2014

CREDIT: Walt Disney Animation Studios

The Priestly Family Review Of Disney’s Big Hero 6

Disney has been enticing our kids with commercial after commercial about the latest offering, Big Hero – 6….it’s here!!! I got to take the crew up to White Marsh for the Baltimore premiere…can this marshmallow looking robot live up to the hype of it’s predecessor Frozen and the super hero genre????

Mix 106.5–11/07/2014

Photo by Jo

Jo’s Old Bay Acorn Squash

Check out Jo’s recipe for Old Bay Acorn Squash. Yum.


Photo Credit: Dave Burgess

Fifty Shades Of FLASH!!!?!!!

So in trying to understand the life of a super hero…no one’s perfect! I mean sure it’s great being the fastest guy on the planet…but is it really? Not in ALL facets of life…What is that book in Flash’s hand???

Mix 106.5–10/22/2014

Photo Credit: Dave Burgess

Flash Costume Contest Can Make Priestly A Local Hero

Halloween is here and there are tons of costume contests…but none as cool as this one!

Mix 106.5–10/20/2014


Mix 106.5’s #TBT Challenge

Cast your vote for today’s TBT Challenge: One Direction edition.

Mix 106.5–10/09/2014

Photo by Jo

Jo Blog: The Making of a Cosplay Queen at Anime USA 2014

Jo attended Anime USA 2014 and blogged about the making of a cosplay queen, Nashandra from Dark Souls II

Mix 106.5–10/07/2014


Blast From The Past! TWIN PEAKS…RETURNS!

First off…I remember this show being on ABC…that’s about it…BUT I do also recall, viewers LOVED IT!!! Did you?? If so, check out this teaser trailer!

Mix 106.5–10/06/2014

Photo Credit: Priestly

Another Freeloader Friday’s In The Books! Summer Is DONE!

So after 3 awesome months of live broadcasts from Power Plant Live’s Leinenkugel Beer Garden…we must retreat into hibernation for another season!!! First let’s look back at all the fun this Summer 2014 gave us!

Mix 106.5–09/29/2014


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