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Priestly & Jo

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What A Week!!!!

Hey it’s Priestly….this is just a sneak peak behind the scenes this week…TGIF!

Mix 106.5–04/18/2014

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Priestly Show…Your Running Guide to What’s Going On!

You hear me on the air on Mix 106.5…if you missed anything we talked about, we’ll post it here!!! Like that FREE Ben and Jerry’s cone info!

Mix 106.5–04/08/2014

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Week 1 Down…That Wasn’t Easy!

Hey it’s Priestly…first week solo, harder then I thought! They say you don’t know what ya got till it’s gone…nailed it.

Mix 106.5–04/04/2014

End of an era! (4/11/11 - 3/28/14)
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The Final Priestly and Jenn Show

If you haven’t heard by now, our girl Jenn is headed off to LA! As a friend, I could not be more excited and proud!!! As a “Priestly”…don’t ask! It was an AMAZING show on Friday as we honored Jenn for her 10 years of being a part of our lives on Mix 1065.

Mix 106.5–03/31/2014

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Muppets Most Wanted! What Priestly’s Muppets thought of it!

Today the sequel to The Muppet’s reboot opens, The Muppet’s: Most Wanted! A lot of the reviews I’ve read are very critical…WHY!??? IT”S THE MUPPET’S…what do they expect!

Mix 106.5–03/21/2014

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We Did It!!! We Found Susan of Columbia MD, from Live With Kelly and Michael!

It’s amazing the power of radio and social media!  When Priestly and Jenn go on a local celebrity”manhunt”…they get their person!!!  With your help of course!  Check out the story of Susan…and how she came [...]

Mix 106.5–03/14/2014

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This Morning on Live! With Kelly and Michael, Columbia Md!!!!!

Hey it’s Priestly…so I watch a lot of TV…in particular, in the mornings, Kelly and Michael. Today, 3/11/14, during the “Spring It On Travel Trivia” segment I heard a person from Columbia Md…my town, REPRESENTING!

Mix 106.5–03/11/2014

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Frozen’s “Let It Go” Like You Never Heard It!

I don’t think any of the people in that picture there…EVER thought they would hear their song “Let It Go” done in the style of….METAL!

Mix 106.5–03/10/2014

photo by Anthea Priestly

Mr. Peabody And Sherman…The Priestly Family Review Is In!!!

We’ve been waiting a looooong time for this movie to come out!!!! The kids have been begging me to get us into this one…yesterday, it happened! Unfortunately, I couldn’t go…I was truly bummed, but then they called into the show and shared!!!

Mix 106.5–03/05/2014

Big Fat Question

Big Fat Question 2/24

We use 60 of these a day. What is it?

Mix 106.5–02/24/2014