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Finding Neverland Flies From Broadway to Baltimore!

The Morning Mix talks to actor @BillyTighe about the Broadway show Finding Neverland; based on the real life events of author J.M Barrie and his journey into writing the iconic story of Peter Pan! Billy tells Mix 106.5 […]

Mix 106.5–17 hours ago

Craig Robinson Stops by the Mix 106.5 ‘Office’ To Talk Comedy!

Comedian Craig Robinson of The Office, Pinapple Express and the upcoming TV show Ghosted,  sits down with The Morning Mix to talk his dreams of being on the Simpsons and maybe staying at Kaite Rose’s […]

Mix 106.5–17 hours ago

The Morning Mix Goes Deep On A Search And Rescue Mission!

When The Morning Mix’s Jon Boesche’ accidentally kicked an $800 Hermes slipper off a pier and into an river that runs into the Chesapeake Bay, he didn’t just let the muck settle around it.  (-_-) […]

Mix 106.5–18 hours ago

These Famous Candy Bars Are Going Away

Nestlé just announced that it’s considering selling its American candy brands.


The Fidget Spinner Fad Is Already on the Way Out?

If you haven’t gotten your hands on a fidget spinner yet, maybe it’s not worth bothering. Because that trend is over.

Mix 106.5–06/20/2017

A Chart Ranking the Best Types of French Fries That Everyone Hates

Are these the best types of French fries?

Mix 106.5–06/13/2017

Here’s the Easiest Way to Make Your Phone Less Addictive

An expert says there’s one really easy want to make your phone less addictive.

Mix 106.5–06/07/2017

BERLIN, GERMANY - MAY 30: Priyanka Chopra poses at the 'Baywatch' Photo Call at Sony Centre on May 30, 2017 in Berlin, Germany.

Baywatch’s International Superstar Priyanka Chopra Gushes About Playing A Villain

Reagan and Kaite Rose sat down with Priyanka Chopra to talk about her latest movie, Baywatch!

Mix 106.5–06/05/2017

Rockin’ On The River!

The Back River Restoration Committee teamed up with Mix’s Jon Boesche and 5 local cover bands; Rising Tide, Awaken, Strait Shooter, Marshall Law and Kanye Twitty to raise money for local charities while everyone sang, danced, swam and enjoyed the day!

Mix 106.5–06/05/2017

Maryland’s 100 Most Popular Baby Names for Boys and Girls

The Social Security Administration has released the top names given to babies in Maryland.

Mix 106.5–06/05/2017

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