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NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 16: Actress Kate Winslet attends as London Fog presents a New York special screening of 'The Dressmaker' on September 16, 2016 in New York City.

Kate Winslet Was Bullied Over Her Weight

“Winslet, 41, recalled that early in her acting career, she also drew negative feedback — not for her acting, but for her body.”

19 hours ago

Five Practical Things to Bring Someone Who’s in the Hospital

Someone who was recently laid up in a hospital came up with a list of things they wish people had brought them instead of flowers.

Mix 106.5–22 hours ago

iPhone Users: Do This Now In Case Certain Hackers’ Threats Are Real

Hackers are threatening to wipe all iPhones. Here’s what you can do to protect your data:

Mix 106.5–03/22/2017

These Are the Most Popular Dogs in America

The American Kennel Club just released their list of the most popular dog breeds from the last year.

Mix 106.5–03/22/2017

How Much Money Would It Take to Live the Rest of Your Life Stress-Free?

Would a million dollars be enough to live the rest of your life basically stress-free?

Mix 106.5–03/21/2017

Feel Sorry For Justin Bieber, Seriously

” It looks like the saddest lunch ever.”


Attractive People Have Worse Relationships Than Less Attractive People

It’s time to feel sorry for one of the groups of people who have it the toughest in this world: Super attractive people.

Mix 106.5–03/21/2017

Record-Breaking Beauty And The Beast Roars Into Theaters

The movie had a monstrous debut with $170 million-plus from over 4,210 theaters at the North American box office, one of biggest openings of all time.


Ten Random Things and the Age You’re Best at Them

What’s the best age to run a marathon, find someone to marry, or make your highest salary? The answers may surprise you.

Mix 106.5–03/20/2017

There’s a New Cologne That Makes You Smell Like Kittens

A fragrance company called Demeter just released a new scent that makes you smell like kittens.

Mix 106.5–03/20/2017

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