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Big Fat Question

Big Fat Question 11/13

By the end of the year, 9 billion dollars worth of this product will have sold. What is it?

Mix 106.5–11/13/2013

Big Fat Question

Big Fat Question 10/9

This is one of the most annoying things we do, but it’s good for us. What is it?

Mix 106.5–10/10/2013

Big Fat Question

Big Fat Question 9/4

On average, we eat 13 POUNDS of this, in a year. What is it?

Mix 106.5–09/04/2013

Big Fat Question

Big Fat Question 7/10

There are 300,000 of these in the US. What are they?

Mix 106.5–07/10/2013

Big Fat Question

Big Fat Question 6/6

It takes the average woman 45% longer than men to do THIS.

Mix 106.5–06/06/2013


Big Fat Question 5/28

Who is the most searched person on the internet?

Mix 106.5–05/28/2013


Big Fat Question 02/13

Over 60% of us say we fight this the most.. What is it?

Mix 106.5–02/13/2013

Big Fat Question 1/9

What sound do we hate to hear THE MOST at work?



Big Fat Question 11/29

Married people will get this more than single people, what is it?

Mix 106.5–11/29/2012

Priestly's Retro Replay!!!

Retro Replay 8/14/12Click me for all the info you need

I know it’s Shark week…but with the discovery of this GINORMOUS Python found in Fla’…1 song pops to mind! Back to 88′!

Mix 106.5–08/14/2012