New Study Finds Your Cat Really Likes You. A Lot.According to a new study, your cat is not nearly indifferent to you as you think.
There's a New Cologne That Makes You Smell Like KittensA fragrance company called Demeter just released a new scent that makes you smell like kittens.
Cat People and Dog People Are Very Different. Here's How.A new study looked at dog people and cat people on Facebook to find the biggest differences between them. Here are the four big things they found:
How Much Do You Think Your Pet Is Worth?In short: How much is a pet dog worth?
You're Playing With Your Cat WrongYou might actually playing with your cat wrong. Details here...
5 Super Bowl Foods Dangerous To Your Fur BabiesPlease keep these 5 foods AWAY from your pets this Sunday!!
Your Dog Loves You 5 Times More Than Your Cat!Your dog loves you 5 times more than your cat?! What if you only own a cat? He/she really loves you 5 times less than you think?!
Are You Normal?: Pet EditionDo you dress your pet up in costumes? Do you cook for them? Find out how normal you are when it comes to you pet.
Are You Normal?: The Pet Owner EditionThere a huge new study out that asked people what they're willing to do to make their pets happy. Here are the results:
Music For Cats is a Real ThingWhat kind of music do they like? The purrrr-ty kind, of course.
Watch Taylor Swift Get Cute in Her 'For Your ACM Consideration' VideoTaylor Swift and an adorable kitty. It's enough to make the internet explode.
Randomness. Monday January 13.I'm craving a naked burrito from Qdoba.

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