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Inside The Mind Of A Fictional Justin Bieber

Jonny Valentine is not your average 11 year old. He’s a pop star, bent on world domination. He’s a hard worker with distinct ideas about what the audience wants to hear from him. He’s acutely […]


dial a star celebrity phone call

“Celebrities” Are Letting You Call Them For $10 or $20 A Minute

Here’s the latest embarrassing thing low-level celebrities can do for a buck:  They can talk to you on the phone.


This Woman Claims She’ll Be On “Dancing With The Stars”

We’d complain that she’s not a star, but that’s never stopped the “Dancing with the Stars” people before. Her one connection to stardom isn’t even much of a star anymore. Here she is:


Who is on Lindsay’s Rehab Visitors List?

Click through to find out who is on Lindsay’s exclusive list of visitors while she is in rehab.