Disney Could Make Star Wars For A DecadeIf the studio continues at their current rate of one movie a year, this could mean that fans will be treated to a whopping 12 more 'Star Wars' stories before the doors are closed on the franchise for good.
Jordan Fischer Sings The Theme Song For Disney's New Fireworks ShowDisney is giving a sneak a peek at the new 'Happily Ever After' theme song! A duet sung by country music artist Angie Keilhauer and singer Jordan Fisher.
The Priestly Family Review: Beauty And The BeastAs soon as the movie starts…you feel this sense of nostalgia come over you…and it never stops!
Do You Know Why Almost All Disney's Princesses Wear Blue?Besides being among Disney's most beloved princess Elsa, Cinderella and Princess Jasmine have a lot in common. Can you guess what it is?
Olivia Holt "Kickin It" In The Mix 1065 Up Close StudioAs Olivia Holt and her music career get set to rise like a "Phoenix" (the name of her first single), she swung by and hung with Priestly to talk past, present and future!!! Plus her BFF Jordan Fisher makes a surprise cameo!
Priestly's Family Review Of Disney's The BFGYou KNOW my family LOVES going to the movies. Well fresh to theaters for the 4th Of July weekend we have Disney's The BFG!!! It has a GIANT buzz to it, but was it worth it? I asked the kids and made our own lil movie review...check it out!
Watch Johnny Depp Surprise Disneyland Guests As 'Mad Hatter'Johnny Depp, dressed as his iconic character the Mad Hatter, livestreamed onto a billboard in Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA to surprise the Park’s guests.
Duck Tales To Return In 2017Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, Louie and Donald Duck are all back next year on Disney XD.
'Big Hero 6' TV Show & Sequel In The WorksAre you a fan of Baymax? We've got good news for you!
New 'Finding Dory' Trailer Leads You HomeSee the new trailer for Finding Dory!
Jo: How Much Would Your Favorite Channel Cost?How much would you be willing to pay for your favorite channels?
Jo: Where My Girls At?Female action heroes are reaching new heights in blockbusters films like Star Wars: The Force Awakens and in Marvel movies, but there is one place where their power has hit a wall - the toy aisle.

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