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Photo by Gene Duncan/Disney Parks via Getty Images

10 Interesting Facts About Walt Disney World

In honor of Walt Disney World turning 43, here are ten interesting facts about the famous theme park.

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Are You Smarter than Reagan?

Her biopic film is coming out and her father is slamming it.


Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Frozen’s “Let It Go” Like You Never Heard It!

I don’t think any of the people in that picture there…EVER thought they would hear their song “Let It Go” done in the style of….METAL!

Mix 106.5–03/10/2014

(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Let It Win: ‘Frozen’ Recalls Disney’s Winning History for Best Original Song Oscar

In total, Disney has won 12 Academy Awards for Best Original Song. Here are the most essential Oscar-winning Disney ditties.


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Disney’s “Frozen” The Priestly Crew Saw It, Should You?

Love my job!!! One of the best perks, is getting to see movies first!!! I had the opportunity this past Monday to visit the AMC on the Ave. in White Marsh, with my kids…this is one of the more interesting Disney films in a while!

Mix 106.5–11/27/2013

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Disney’s “Planes”! Priestly and the fam’ Get You Your First Look!

So last night we were lucky enough to check out the latest Disney Pixar movie Planes! Find out if you should be boarding this flight with your family! In all honesty, I have HIGH expectations […]

Mix 106.5–08/07/2013

Photo by Gene Duncan/Disney Parks via Getty Images

Are Rich People Hiring Disabled Guides to Help Them Skip the Lines at Disney World?

This comes from an exclusive report by the “New York Post” -one of America’s least reliable newspapers – so take it for what it’s worth. But if it’s true, it’s outrageous.

Mix 106.5–05/15/2013

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Viral Video: What Happens To Disney Princesses After The Credits Roll?

What really happened to the Disney princesses after they lived happily ever after? A new viral video finally reveals what the ladies have been up to. Spoiler alert: Things aren’t as happy as they originally […]


(Sandra Mu/Getty Images)

Is Lady Gaga Becoming A Disney Princess?

The singer is in a new Disney movie debuting this winter, but you won’t be able to see it on the big screen.



Finding Nemo 3D as seen by Priestly and his fam’!!!

So after the grueling task of waking up at 3:30am the past week…this past weekend showed me some nice chill time!! Matter of fact, I got a chance to see the Mix 1065 premiere of Finding Nemo in 3D with the fam…is it worth the ticket price when it opens next weekend???

Mix 106.5–09/10/2012



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