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Priestly’s Howard County Neighborhood Playground Burned To The Ground…AGAIN!

I remember pushing my eldest son Jack in his stroller around this park…I remember him mastering the monkey bars when he was bigger at this park. We just brought my nephew, Jake whose 2 years old to this park with his cousins…now I can’t. By the way…we live in Howard County…which is supposed to be better than this…NOPE!

Mix 106.5–05/27/2015

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Twerk This…Don’t Believe EVERYTHING You See!!!!

Or hear for that matter…but everyone has been going off on this poor girl and her “twerking” video that terribly went wrong. Guess what…we were all FOOLED!

Mix 106.5–09/10/2013

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Top Five Things That Can Get You Fired

Here are the top five normal things that can get you fired:

Mix 106.5–04/01/2013

911 call

Texts From This Morning: Why Did You Call 911?

Everyone needs help sometimes, so tell us, when did you have to dial those desperate digits. The stories were both funny, weird and compelling. Give them a listen and a read…And then share your story.


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Kate Winslet Helps Save Richard Branson’s Mother’s Life… Sorta

Actress Kate Winslet was staying at the island vacation home of Virgin billionaire Richard Branson when Hurricane Irene swept through, lightning struck the home and burned the whole place to the ground. Chalk one up […]


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What Glee Star Found Out They’re Losing Their Job By Twitter?

Yesterday, we told you that three Glee stars were leaving the show: Chris Colfer, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith (You can read more about that here). At least one of them didn’t know about this […]


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Three Leading “Glee” Stars – Out At The End Of The Season

“Glee” creator Ryan Murphy says that this will be the last season for three stars: 


A Short Film About Barbecue Chicken For Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, grills across America will be uncovered and ignited to usher in the Summer grilling season. Some believe that cooking outside over glowing charcoal or crisp, clean burning propane is a high art. […]


Larry Noto briefs us on what’s going on this weekend

Local comedian and “bon vivant” (we’ll see how he likes that title next week) Larry Noto lets us know what’s going on in B-more this weekend, and gives Jojo a Little Italy history lesson…