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The Necessity Of Vacations!!!

Hey it’s Priestly….recently back from and amazing vaca’ in LA…Jo just returned from a quick vacation down the Ocean…it does the soul MAGIC!!!


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Survey Results: Can You Ever Really Be Friends With an Ex?

In a new survey, people are split on whether it’s truly possible to be friend with an ex.

Mix 106.5–07/22/2014

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Facebook Lets You Track Your Friends’ Exact Location

This is creepy even by Facebook standards.

Mix 106.5–04/21/2014

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Facebook Turnoffs

Check out this list of the big things that can be bothersome when you check Facebook.


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Thirty Percent of Us Haven’t Seen a Single Facebook Friend in Two Months

Your Facebook friend list is probably bloated with random people you met one time at a party, or went to junior high with. But you’re still Facebook friends with some actual friends, right?

Mix 106.5–12/02/2013

Smarter Than Reagan. Wednesday September 18.

How will you do? Meagan 4 of 5. Reagan 5 of 5. Answers below. 1) Mark Wahlberg finally got one of these. He finished it online. No word whether or not he’ll be going to […]


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The Average Married Man Is Secretly Attracted To At Least Three Women In His Life

Does your husband have a wandering eye for a friend or coworker? Chances are…yes.

Mix 106.5–08/05/2013

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New Study Finds Your Kids Will Love You More If You Friend Them On Facebook

Every piece of evidence we’ve seen says teenagers hate the idea of being Facebook friends with their parents.

Mix 106.5–07/17/2013

Priest and Jenn at Freeloaders!


What’s up, it’s Priestly and we are SO excited to bust out of the studio and go LIVE, later today it’s FREELOADER FRIDAY! A Mix 1065 tradition! Year 3 for Jenn and myself!!! Check out some pic’s from years past…it’s gonna ROCK!

Mix 106.5–05/31/2013

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Men Are Twice as Likely to Want to Have Sex With Their Opposite Sex Friends

According to a new survey, men are about twice as likely as women to want to have sex with their friends.

Mix 106.5–05/13/2013



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