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JoJo Girard

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Smarter Than Reagan: Episode 5

It’s time now for another edition of the podcast version of Smarter Than Reagan, today Jennifer takes on Reagan in a pop culture duel to the death. Okay, maybe not to the death. In fact, […]



Smarter Than Reagan: Episode 4

Will the daily pop culture quiz be returning to the radio soon? Listen for details! In the meantime, the podcast continues, with today’s contestant, Patricia…



A Monumental Occasion 2011: The Videos (Including Sarah In Her Hon Outfit)

Last night, Sarah and I hosted the annual lighting of the Washington Monument in beautiful Mount Vernon Square Park. As discussed on our show Thursday morning, Sarah agreed to be a honorary hon for David […]



And Now A Picture of Jojo At A College Toga Party…

WARNING! He is baring his manly shoulders, but it’s tempered by his groovy belt…


IDOL Recap: Sofa King Good

Casey Abrams (above) made Steven Tyler cuss at him. He was Sofa King good!!! So was the rest of the show. Why? Because the contestants were able to sing songs from THIS DECADE!!!