A Study Finds Kids Like Their Pets More Than Their SiblingsIf you ask your kid which one of his brothers and sisters he likes the most, and he says, "the dog," they're probably just being honest.
This Is How Often Moms Get Sick When Raising KidsIt's not surprising that it's hard being a mom, but these numbers are staggering.
The Top Lies Parents Tell KidsA new survey found the top lies parents tell their kids. Check 'em out:
MGMT Tease New Music for 2017It’s been three years since MGMT last released a studio album, but it sounds like they’re preparing big things for 2017.
The Ten Most Dangerous Things for Kids This SummerThe ten most dangerous things for kids this summer.
Jo: The 'Not So Average' Wine PairingsWhile there are the classic wine pairings like Champagne and caviar, Cabernet and with black pepper steak, numerous (and more humorous) pairings have been discovered!
This Is How Much Parents Spends on Kids Birthday PartiesApparently birthday parties have really changed since we were kids. I don't remember anyone serving caviar or hiring Vanilla Ice to perform.
How Was Your Family Weird In A Way You Didn't Realize Until You Grew Up?On our show, we don't judge. Well, we judge a little bit, but we're free to talk openly about stuff and we all admit we're a little different. We asked about family traditions and traits that were a little weird, and here are some of the responses:
10 Life Lessons To Teach Your KidsFor the love of God....teach your children these things.....
The Top 10 Things Parents Do That Embarrass Their KidsA new survey found the top 10 things parents do that embarrass their kids:
When Kids Say The Darndest ThingsKids are like little recorders, and sometimes their playback malfunctions a little...after Priestly shared that his son let something negative slip about a relative to her face, the stories started pouring in!
What Was "Cool" When You Were In Elementary School?We asked our listeners what was "cool" when they were an elementary school kid? Here are some of the unbelievably awesome things we had almost forgotten about:

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